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Foudretech provides you with the full extent of its experience in the field of security and difficult access..

Security area and difficult access
The strength of the model lies in:

  • Its ability to take charge of complex projects with secure access
  • Its know-how in developing urban mountaineering methods
  • The study and recommendation of the implementation of individual protection systems and / or lifeline is one of the skills developed by Foudretech.


  • Protection against lightning
  • Building bells and clocks
  • Painting any support, facelift
  • Masonry (spall treatment)
  • Roofing, zinc work, steel tray
  • Facade and roof waterproofing
  • Search for infiltrations
  • Renovation of the stone wall and repointing
    Removal of chimneys
  • Urban furniture


  • Installation of a lifeline
  • Guardrails (sealed / without drilling, without fixing)
  • Walkways, rails
    Safety net (with control)
  • Crinoline ladder
  • Pathway
    Support, safety of staff
  • Anchor points


  • Glazing, glass roof, aluminum, stainless steel
  • Depollution all media
  • Roof defoaming anticryptogamic application
  • High pressure all media
  • Cleaning of photovoltaic panels


  • Anti-bird system, net, Picot, Electro repulsion, scaring
  • Unclogging of pipes
  • Decontamination of soiled area


  • Laying of tarpaulin, hanging kakemono, sign
  • Photo, video report
  • Installation of solar films
  • Installation of stands, structure
  • Hanging of lighting equipment, relamping
  • Installation of animation equipment

“Its complementary business skills guarantee project owners the quality of workmanship and respect for costs and deadlines.


We offer you a global service for protection, lightning rods, lightning arresters, installation, verification and maintenance of all lightning protection systems.
To this is added the services of a building climber.